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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Welcome To My World, The Fun Life Of R/C's

From my first brand new R/C to now, I gotta say it's been & still is Fun Fun Fun!!!!

The excitement comes, when you first get home from the store & you just sit there & look at that big old box of yours...... The only thing that goes through your mind is YES YES YYYEEEESSSS !!!
You open up that box just to find a DVD. Cool Right ?   Video check, then Nitro Gas next. Now comes the fun !

                                       If your a half ass person, meaning taking short cuts on the break in, your gonna have some major problems ???
Traxxas Jato was my first  R/C that I started on. My very first REAL r/c NITRO r/c !!!!   

Crazy fast if you ask me. Crazy fast as your first nitro r/c.....65mph !!!!!

If you can handle a Jato 3.3 as your first r/c, you can handle anything after that....My driving/Racing skillz is CRAZY !

From having a 65mph jato 3.3 to upgrading on engines to get into street racers then off road R/C's
I gotta say "I Love It All"  Street Racing is alright I guess, well 4some. Me I rather BASH !  get dirty roll in the mud & water......Besides, they can take more of a beating then a street racer.. From 1/10 scale to 1/8 scale YES YES YES this is the life !

HPI savage x to a savage  XL truck ! My best truck right there hands down 4me....  

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username: peebeme

From Philadelphia to NorFolk Virginia & other cities down & around the Tidewater area I met alot of fun & wonderful people......From facebook to other sites I met alot of great owners as well as just people like me that wanna learn & play more & more in this R/C world...... 

Here's some pictures of just some of my R/C's...................

NTC3 with an Os.18 cvr motor 2speed Trans, Crazy Fast too !!!
2 bodies that I painted "Black&Yellow then the Green" 

Traxxas Jato 3.3 that I later upgraded the motor to a dynamite.19T..
new Rpm arms along with new pipe, tires, tittanium turn buckles & brakes !!! Rims too "smoke color black rims" or foam for street drag racing....

From buggies to Off Road Trucks like my savage x that I turned into a savage xl basher !!!!
My savage 4.6 that was bradnew got very old to me, LOL really didn't but just wanted to do some great upgrades to it thats all..... I made it bigger all around ?  from chassis to motor to tires & pipes....
LRP.30 motor upgrade for speed+ 3speed Trans with metal disk brakes & new Radio !!! Shocks as well........I put over $400 into this truck.   The buggy is a Hyper 7 with a ofna.32 motor that I put in it...

"up top " Here's a picture of my CEN 7.7 truck along with this Revo 3.3 truck"down here"
neither trucks has any major upgrades to them other then the revo's new color....That's my first off road truck body ever...I picked green so nobody could miss it coming, LOL !!! nice right ?

I was never big on those Traxxas T-maxx trucks like that. Okay, There good trucks, they look like they can take a beating but it was how it looked inside the chassis? To bunched up for me.
But if I could make it into maybe a 1/8 or 1/7 scale "YES" I would try it out.
So I got a hold of someone that could make me a 1/7 chassis from tittanium metal....
I put piggy back shocks on it with some skid plates & some brand new HPI savage stock tires.....The only thing was that the stock 3.3 T-maxx body wouldn't fit ? I had to put a savage xl body to it was bigger then a savage x 1/8 truck but a little bit smaller then the savage xl truck....."what ever"

Picco.26 motor as my upgrade motor
RPM arms all around with the new 3.3 Trans !!!
More Room as you can see right ?????
Here's my new T-maxx on the left
along with a 2.5 T-maxx on the right....... BIG diffrence right ?

Savage XL on the left then my T-maxx in the middle & theres the 2.5 T-maxx....
I'm not big on Ez starts. There good but I just like pull starts better ! So I went bigger......

Come visit my R/C World Again & Don't 4get to check out my other bloggs on R/C's or others too..

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